The Trade

Blacksmiths need technical ability and practical skills as well as a thorough knowledge of metals and other materials.

Blacksmithing Classes

Blacksmithing is a highly-skilled trade. Not only do blacksmiths need technical ability and practical skills, they also need a thorough knowledge of metals and other materials, good coordination, problem-solving skills, as well as creativity and design skills.

Kirk Sullens offers Blacksmithing Classes for beginners and intermediate students. You’ll learn blacksmithing process and technique appropriate to the level of the class, understanding of which will allow you to create an infinite number of projects. The classes help develop strength, attention to detail, perseverance and skill. All classes are limited to two students so you receive individual attention.

All classes are at Kirk’s shop outside Mount Dora, Florida, only an hour from Orlando and Daytona Beach.


Beginning Blacksmithing classes are designed to give you basic instruction on correct hammer control, basic fire maintenance, and the most commonly used blacksmithing processes; drawing a taper, bending, and twisting. Anyone with reasonable eye/hand coordination can handle this without prerequisite knowledge.

If you can routinely drive a nail without making hammer marks in the wood you drive the nail into, you should be fine in this class.

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Blacksmithing for Beginners

Level: Beginner

Basic instruction on correct hammer control, fire maintenance and commonly used  processes.

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Basic Bladesmithing

Level: Beginner

This class focuses on hammer control, an overview of heat treatment, and basic grinding and sanding of blades.

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Chasing and Repoussé

Level: Intermediate

An introduction to the techniques raising and sinking sheet metal to create texture and volume

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