Intermediate Blacksmithing Classes

Once you’ve learned basic blacksmithing skills, the possibilities are endless.  Intermediate blacksmithing classes are mostly project-focused, with the stated goal of the class being to make a particular item.  However, my teaching focus is always on process–on building transferable skills that you can use to create….almost anything.

These classes are NOT suitable for those who have never hammered hot metal before.  If you’re brand new to the craft please start with one of my Beginning Blacksmithing Classes.

Intermediate Blacksmithing Classes offer a wide variety of projects with which to grow your blacksmithing skills and confidence.  Classes are limited to three (3) students, so you always get individual attention.

Intermediate classes are $250 per student, and run from 9 am to 4 pm (or till we’re done) with an hour lunch break.  Maximum 3 students per class.


Saturday 1 December, 2018 – Forging a BBQ Tool Set

Apply all of the basic blacksmithing processes to creat a BBQ fork and spatula set that’s uniquely your own.  The finished set makes a great gift, or put them to work on your own BBQ grill.


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Saturday 8 December, 2018 – Forging a Wall Coat Rack

This class will build on your basic blacksmithing skills as you forge pieces and assemble a three or four hook wall-hanging coat (or anything else) rack.  Choose from a variety of styles to create a personalized piece for your home, or a unique holiday gift.


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Saturday 12 January, 2019 – Forging Blacksmith’s Tongs

This class will stretch your skills as you forge one of the most useful blacksmithing tools, tongs. You’ll learn to correctly forge all sections of a pair of tongs, punch a rivet hole, and adjust the tongs to make a functional, comfortable tool you’ll use for years. This class is challenging for most novice smiths.  It’s best for those who have taken several classes, or who work at home regularly and have developed good hammer control.


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Making Punches and Chisels

Next Date TBD (please inquire if interested)

One of the most unique and useful aspects of blacksmithing is that you can make your own tools.  In this class you’ll learn the vital basics of making punches and chisels–choosing the right stock, shaping it to suit your needs, and achieving the right hardness for utility, safety, and lasting service.