Do you have an idea you’d like me to bring to life for you in metal?  Did you see something you’d like, except it needs to be bigger, smaller, or facing a different direction?  Do you need architectural elements like gates, railing, and light fixtures to fit a particular theme and space?  A truly stand-out sign for your business?

It’s important to me that sculptural pieces fit the place where they’re going to live. When designing a piece for your home or business, I need to know what the space looks like–size, light (or lack thereof), colors, and elements already planned or in place. Photos and video are wonderful for this.  Site visits are even better, although not always practical.

I also want to know a bit about your personal tastes and style. You will be the one living with your custom sculpture, so your input is important. You don’t need to know exactly what you want, but an open discussion of what you like and dislike is an important part of the design process.


mangrove rail 003

Handrail under construction for a private residence in Florida