Basic Bladesmithing

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For the bladesmithing class, we’ll be working in a propane forge. We’ll forge, profile, rough grind, and harden a ‘blacksmith’s knife’ similar to the attached photo.

You’ll get a basic understanding of forging principles, an overview of heat treatment, and throughout the day we can discuss what you need and what you don’t to get started at home. You will be instructed how to temper your knife at home; this is not done in class due to the (hands-off) time it takes. After that, you can hand polish and sharpen your blade at home. Instruction for that is also provided. Some students are unable to finish their knives in a single day. For those students, we’ll arrange a date to come back for a few hours to finish up. That extra time is included in the class cost.

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Time: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (or till we’re done) with an hour lunch break.
Maximum N. Students per Class: 2
Level: Beginner
Price: $220 per student



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